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Ajith’s astounding tears and more in Arrambam


With Arrambam’s release just 2 days away, folks around the state are trying their best to get their hands on tickets for the movie in the first weekend. Director Vishnuvardhan seems confident about the movie and is sure that Arrambam would be a new benchmark for Ajith, both from a box-office perspective and from masses perspective.

“In the movie, Ajith would be fighting for justice and he plays a socially conscious person. All the other stars in the movie would also be having their own defined parts in the movie. Ajith looks really handsome and has done his best to be agile. He has also shown a new side at being ferocious and romantic. This would be a new experience for the audience. His tears while expressing grief would also be stunning. Only a person who has really understood the story can exhibit such a performance.

I am forever surprised by Ajith. He is the most handsome, has achieved many laurels, has such fame and following among the audience. Yet, he works sincerely hard as if it is his first film. If everyone applauds him, then it is indeed for a solid reason.”

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